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depression-booksDepression is a common mental illness that affects millions of individuals across the world. This painful condition is marked by feelings of intense sadness, despair and hopelessness. Those suffering from this condition tend to lose interest in activities that used to be pleasurable at some point of time in life. These feelings of sadness tend to affect the normal functioning of individuals. Along with treatment, depression books can allow people suffering from depression to learn about this illness and deal with it:

Individuals suffering from depression tend to isolate themselves. Such individuals may also suffer from insomnia and they tend to gain or lose weight. Depression books allow those suffering from this illness to learn about this condition. These books also allow people to find ways of coping with this condition and its associated problems. Depression books create awareness about this condition. It also allows people to understand the importance of seeking professional help. These books also allow family and friends to understand what their loved ones are going through. The books allow the family and friends of depressed individuals to provide the much needed support.

There are a large number of excellent depression books available and many of them are written by expert psychologists. These books not only talk about the symptoms associated with this condition but also provide information on how this condition develops, what are the causative factors and the coping techniques that can help in recovering from this condition.

Among the different depression books “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy” is a resourceful book written by David Burns. This book easily elucidates how different problematic thinking patterns can result in depression. The book also reveals techniques in cognitive behavioral therapy that can be used to successfully deal with depression. This book has been largely recommended by mental health professionals as it helps people understand how changes in life can affect mood. This book also provides ways of dealing with depression without depending on prescription drugs.

Among the other depression books the Cognitive Theory of Depression is written by Aaron T Beck, Brian F. Shaw, A, Gary Emery and John Rush. This is an excellent book written on cognitive therapy and is suitable for professionals as well as general public. The Feeling Good Handbook is a companion book to the book Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy. This book contains exercises, techniques and examples that can be incorporated in the lifestyle so as to effectively deal with depression.

Other depression books include Move your Body, Tone Your Mood: The Workout Therapy Workbook written by Kate F. This books attempts to highlight the importance of exercise in recovering from depression. There are a number of books that also specifically identify the way men and women differently experience depression. These books also provide coping techniques to deal with depression.

Many women tend to experience depression following child birth. While child birth is an extremely joyful occasion majority of women have to battle postpartum depression. Some depression books specifically deal with postpartum depression and ways of dealing with it. One such book is Postpartum Depression: Every Women’s Guide to Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention. This book is written by Sharon L. Roan and this book reveals the physical as well as psychological changes that occur during pregnancy and how these cause clinical depression. This book also identifies ways in which post partum depression can be treated.

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