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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety often tend to occur together and for a long time anxiety disorders did not have a separate classification. Anxiety is usually a normal reaction towards fear but it becomes abnormal when it becomes severe and gets out of hand. Anxiety becomes abnormal when the reaction extends far longer after the threat ends. Depression can be one of the normal reactions to misfortune or any form of loss. However when this reaction is prolonged it becomes problematic.

Depression and anxiety cannot be properly distinguished when the depression is of mild nature and mimics anxiety disorders. Accurate diagnosis in that case can be done based on the severity of these conditions along with the order in which these are experienced. Only after a proper diagnosis of these conditions is made can the treatment options be explored.

Depression is ordinarily characterized with feelings of extreme sadness and loss of interest in pleasurable activities. Those with depression and anxiety need to get continuous positive reinforcements so as to improve their self esteem. Providing a structured routine is extremely crucial as this can help in promoting self confidence. It is advisable for individuals suffering from depression and anxiety to talk to a trusted individual about their emotions or even to write down their feelings. Along with medical treatment it is crucial for those suffering from these conditions to follow a healthy diet plan along with moderate exercise.

Depression and anxiety may be effectively treated with medication as well as psychotherapy or by including both the elements in the treatment process. However the exact treatment plan can only be determined after a proper diagnosis of the condition is made. Some of the anxiety medications may cause dependence.

Depression and anxiety can also be treated with psychodynamic psychotherapy. In this the symptoms associated with anxiety are explored and conflicts or problems with attachment figures if any are identified along with identification of defensive patterns. This type of therapy works well with individuals who wish to develop an insight into the factors that may contribute to the problems.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can also be used in depression and anxiety to identify particular thoughts as well as behaviors so as to change these. Some exercises for relaxation may also be used. Cognitive restructuring may be used to rectify any form of faulty thinking that may be contributing to the anxiety as well as the depression. Situational exposure along with guided relaxation can also help in confronting sources of anxiety.

Therapy is crucial in dealing with depression and anxiety because it provides a way wherein a person can safely deal with the underlying issues of poor self worth and other concerns that affect the quality of life. The drug therapy for depression includes antidepressants like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. These are the first line of treatment adopted for depression and some other medications for depression include tricyclic antidepressants and monamine oxidase inhibitors. The anxiolytic or anti anxiety drugs include benzodiazepines, azapirones along with beta blockers.

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