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Causes of Depression

A person suffering from depression may experience intense despair and emptiness that might not go away. These feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness may affect the lives of individuals and make it difficult for them to enjoy ordinary activities. Depression can be extremely overwhelming and leave people feeling exhausted all the time. The causes of depression can be many and leaning about this condition and its signs and symptoms can help in the recovery process.

People with clinical depression may find life empty and this may interfere with their day to day activities, work and relationships. These feelings of sadness, hopelessness and emptiness can be continuous, intense and unrelenting and can even give rise to suicidal thoughts. Understanding the root causes of depression can allow those suffering from this condition to seek proper treatment for it.

People suffering from depression tend to find it extremely difficult to concentrate on their work. Often they find even simple tasks extremely challenging and may not feel motivated to do anything. These individuals tend to have negative thoughts and may lose their appetite. Some people tend to eat more and sleeping problems are also common in this condition. The different causes of depression may also result in people losing interest in activities that were pleasurable at one point of time.

The exact causes of depression are not really known and there are a number of theories that attribute biological along with environmental and genetic factors to be responsible for causing depression. However in most cases it is a combination of factors that results in a condition like clinical depression. Genetic influence is one of the factors responsible for causing depression. A person whose mother has had a history of depression is vulnerable to suffering from this condition.

Along with the genetic component psychological influences like self esteem and response to stressful events can also determine if a person is susceptible to developing depression. The causes of depression are different for different individuals. In some cases depressive episode may be completely unexpected while in other cases it may be related to some significant events in life.

Recent stressful experiences in life can be one of the causes of depression and these may include death of a family member. Marital and relationship problems may also cause depression as can financial strain and childhood abuse or trauma. Alcohol and drug abuse can also be one of the contributory factors as can professional problems. Chronic health problems may also result in depression.

Understanding the causes of depression is crucial as it can help in finding the right treatment. Where a person is depressed because of the job then the treatment can include finding a more suitable and satisfying career. A person feeling lonely can make new friends to overcome depression while others can involve themselves in interesting hobbies and this can prove to be more effective as compared to therapy.

Pessimistic personality can also be one of the factors contributing to depression. Someone with low self esteem tends to be predisposed to developing depression. Other psychological problems like eating disorders, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders can also cause depression.

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